Re: NSX day – January 31, 2009

RYU;14704 wrote:
I almost wish I didn’t run into this thread. It’s really too bad there’s so much negative sentiment created by…

I didn’t take the comments as being that bad… I do understand their concerns. Heck, even I shake my head is disgust when I roll into C&C, when it’s only one quarter filled, and I see cars parked at the end of an island (in the traffic lane) instead of in a “parking spot” just so they can get their car in a premium spot. There are also those whom believe their car deserves two parking spots. We’ve all seen them.

I’m planning on doing my part in trying to understand, and be considerate of, peoples feelings. Hopefully, we will be able to “pack in” our beloved NSX’s so as to impact the number of parking spaces as little as possible.