Re: March 11th at McCabes


@DenverCO 65576 wrote:

I would like to thank everyone that showed up for a great cause this weekend. The event went better than can be expected! Thousands of dollars were raised to benefit children fighting cancer and the only cost was compensating Bill Barnett’s cars and coffee crew. For those of you that showed up for nothing else but to support an awesome cause I would like to say thank you.

Wow. A bar calls and asks a car club to set some nice cars out front to make a charity event more of a reason for people to come. The bar offers to give $25 gift certificates to the owners of these cars and you get your panties in a wad? You do realize a $25 gift certificate to a bar only really costs a bar a couple of dollars in actual costs right? Those cars out front may have easily brought in much more money than the cost of the certificates. Why if a bar offers to give certificates does it make the car owners *******s? Did you also give the bar owners crap for giving out these certificates? I’d be willing to bet most of these car owners spent more in that place alone than they were compensated. Sounds more like you have a personal axe to grind with the cars and coffee crew. Also funny how you just joined this forum to post your personal rant.

and no I was not there with my car.

Just my 2 cents