Re: March 11th at McCabes


@robpp 65929 wrote:

asking for money to attend a charity event is BS IMO.

now you are calling foul. WTF

I never asked for anything—they offered. Here is her email. If you read the thread, you will see that I added the info about the gift certificate after her email–it wasn’t in the original thread.

Hello Bill,

Just wanted to send an email out to see if you have had any response from your forum about the Baldricks event March 11th? Like I said, we would be happy to issue $25 gift certificates to McCabes for all those that show up. Please let me know as we need to ensure we have either cars and coffee or another vendor to fill the slot.

Thank you Bill,
Lisa Bargar
McCabes Bistro and Pub

Make more sense now?

All I expected them to do is what they asked me to post on the forum. There was never any mention of a limit until Saturday afternoon before the event the next morning.