Re: March 11th at McCabes


This was the second time I have tried to help out McCabes, and it will be the last. Not only did they go back on their agreement to give all cars that showed up a $25 gift certificate, the manager of Southlands made cars leave because a fire truck was coming and they needed the space. Needless to say , the fire truck never showed up.

The manager of McCabes, came out and actually argued with me because too many cars showed up, even though I had spoke via phone on Thursday with the person that had asked for my help and told her how many cars were coming. She was thrilled at the turnout on Thursday, but then on Saturday afternoon she called and said the manager was not willing to give out that many gift certificates. I explained to her that I had no way to contact people and they had been told they would get a gift certificate. She told me they would take care of it. On Sunday when we showed up, she handed me 18 certificates instead of 30 that we had spoke about.

This is exactly why Cars and Coffee had to move from Southlands.

I suspect the poster above is the bar manager,since he referred to me by name.