Re: Looking to interview (only two questions) exotic car owners about success


@dutchbmx 72683 wrote:

Hi guys (and ladies if any are on here),

I’m an Irvine resident writing an E-Book book combining my two strongest passions: cars and success.

If you have an exotic car, would you please answer just these two questions?

1) What car(s) do you own? Current exotic is a 2006 Noble M400. Previously owned Lotus Elise, Porsche Boxster, BMW 650i, BMW M3, etc.

2) What advice would you share with someone looking achieve the level of success that you have? Discipline. Nothing in life comes easy unless you were born rich, marry rich (which may entail a lot of work to get there), or win the lottery (which entails work to keep it). You want to make something of yourself, you gotta work at whatever it is that will get you there. Nobody is going to hand you anything in life, and if they do, they want something in exchange. Every little choice you make, may have long lasting consequences that change the whole trajectory of your life. That one little shoplifting caper, marijuana buy, drunk driving, gang membership, anything… affects you for years to come. One night of stupidity, bad luck, one wrong choice, and it’s all gone. Think about the big picture, what you want to do, where you want to go. Get disciplined. Set milestone markers. Meet your own schedule and move toward your goal. Nobody can destroy your future better than yourself.


  • Name and career; I’ll only use your first name to protect your privacy.
  • Email; I’ll send you a copy of the pre-release version of my E-Book.
  • Hi-res pics of your cars; (would be very much appreciated).

Give me your email and I’ll send the rest of the optional information, including hi-res pics of my car.