Re: Irvine March 28, 2009


This car was rather interesting. It’s a Rossion and produced in South Africa. The car you’re looking at is number sixteen.


The owner was telling us that production numbers are very low… only so many cars are made during the year.

The Q1 is to be powered by the twin turbo charged Ford/Jaguar Duratec V6 engine. A lightweight low restriction exhaust system is also supplied with Rossion Q1 chassis, increasing the available horsepower for the suggested drivetrain to a pavement blistering 450 horsepower with more than 400 lb. ft. torque. 0-60 mph times in 3.3 seconds, standing ΒΌ mile in 11.4 seconds at 120 mph with the ability to circulate the skid pad at over 1.1 G.

Some impressive performance numbers, for sure.