Re: Invasion of the Italian/American Hybrids on March 5th


@YellowHaze 49581 wrote:

Invasion of the Italian/American hybrids- they’re coming on March 5th! :nuts:

No, not nuts. Just a slight play on words. On March 5th, the corral will play host and be reserved for 40 DeTomaso Panteras. As a new member of the Pantera community, this was something I just had to do. The year 2011 is the 40th anniversary of this amazing car. Italian design with Ford muscle along with a German ZF transaxle- a true hybrid.

As rare as these cars are, virtually no two are alike. While some cars such as Ferrari just don’t get subject to mods, Panteras are another animal. Modifying a Pantera is not only customary but something most Pantera owners prefer to do with their cars. So, be prepared to see some truly amazing Panteras at the world famous Irvine Cars & Coffee on March 5… assuming the weather gods are in a car show friendly mood that day. Don’t miss it!

The only automotive application of the word ‘hybrid’ that has passion and credibility 😉