Re: I will be in Cali from august 2 to 28


@El Moro 69049 wrote:

Hi Notorius, thanks soo much for your answer.

First of all I would like to explain you the situation here in Europe (Monaco and London excluded)in Europe is not very easy to see supercars as Ferrari or Lamborghini because of a lot of things: the economical situation in Europe is critical now and people don’t like to show off in this period. Also you have to remember that SoCal is one of the ricest place in the world so you have an incredible concentration of amazing cars.

So C&C is every saturday morning: we are going to came ALL the saturday of august until august 28! I will be there with a friend of mine that is studing in Malibu and he has a Mustang Shelby GT500 tuned (946 hp), it’s black with a matt black stripe in the middle and it’s amazing. Do you think that we can park in the exhibition lot or not? We are coming at 5.30 a.m.

I have read that the event “Supercar Sunday” in Woodland Hills is only the last sunday of every month: is it true or not? Because it’s very near to Malibu!

Thanks soo much for all the information


Hello Gab,

Notorious already provided you answers to most of your questions. As a car enthusiast, I go to Cars and Coffee in Irvine from time to time. Great fun. I’ve also been to Super Car Sunday on a few occasions. That event is held each Sunday, typically with a themed event on the last Sunday of the month. August 26 is slated for Ford GT/Shelby/Cobra day but all makes and models will be on hand.

I will be sure to attend C&C during the month of August. Perhaps we’ll meet somehow. Although I have never been to Italy (yet!), I am enamored with the culture, food, countryside, cars, and people. It would be fun to meet a genuine Italian. First time here?

PS. While there are no formal rules to what cars can park in the C&C display lot, your friend’s GT500 is certainly welcome and will be in good company along with many other late model performance cars. Ciao!