Re: I will be in Cali from august 2 to 28


Dear Gab,

Cars and coffee is every Saturday, as described, 7am to 9am. But you will find a very low count of significant cars and “car guys” around the 2 weekends of the Monterey car events. August 11 (Monterey Pre-Reunion races) and August 18 (Monterey Reunion, Pebble Beach, Ouail Motorsports Gathering, Concourso Italiano, tours, Auctions, etc., etc., etc.) will pull a lot of people north to Monterey. For those of us participating in those events we are pretty busy preparing cars the weeks ahead of the event so we ususaly don’t get a chance to attend C&C late July and early August. The August 25 C&C may be your best event though some of us are still recovering from the weeks before. If you have the opportyunity to attend the Monterey events during the August 11 through August 28 time period it would be well worth your journey. Monterey is only about 450 miles north of LA, or as we SoCal natives say about 5 – 6 hours away. If you can at all make it to Monterey those days, that is the place to be. John Clinard, saving grace for, and the man in charge of the irvine C&C gathering, will be in Monterey during that time as Ford is quite involved in the celebration of Carroll Shelby to held at the Laguna Seca race track.