Re: I will be in Cali from august 2 to 28


@El Moro 69159 wrote:

Thanks soo much!

All your answers have been precious.
I will came to visit you at C&C Irvine and you will recognize me beacuse I will wear this polo (I’m the one in the right of the picture).


Wow, you’re a young’un. This will be quite the adventure for you then to see SoCal natives and their car culture on full display.

So, like everyone said, if C&C is cancelled for a few weekends, you can always go to the Supercar Sunday anyway.

Also, there is the Petersen Automotive Museum on Wilshire Boulevard in the Mid-Wilshire area. There are also good restaurants around there as well as the La Brea Tar Pits, a popular tourist attraction.

I just might go down to Irvine C&C and meet you one of these weekends. I don’t go a lot because it’s kinda far and the last time I went, it cost me $200 on top of the gas and whatnot… long story… but anyway, SoCal is very rich in car culture. We have to be, everywhere is a drive, there is no close walking things for the most part for us.

Keep in touch on this thread and let us know about how your SoCal trip is going. We’re all very interested to know how you’re liking it.

P.S. I do love all things Italian… having owned 2 Aprilias, 1 MV Agusta, and 3 Ducatis so far. Can’t say I have owned any Italian cars yet… but it’s not for lack of desire, that’s for sure.