Re: I will be in Cali from august 2 to 28


Wow, welcome to SoCal (that’s what we call Southern California) and hope you enjoy your stay. Malibu is nice. I went to school there.

You must have seen quite a few nice cars that we will never get to see here, being at C&C Torino. I guess the only thing here that will be special will be the American classics like muscle cars and old Cadillacs or Packards. You must be bored with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other modern Euro makes that are everywhere there.

C&C Irvine is every Saturday morning and best arrival time is 530-600am but if you are not exhibiting, you can get there even by 7am and you should be okay.

Are you planning to go every Saturday morning or just the August 4th one? Also, there are other regular gatherings all the time in SoCal such as Supercar Sunday which is in Woodland Hills which is actually very close to you in Malibu, just over the canyons to the 101 freeway. That takes place every Sunday morning and it’s more modern supercars like the McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.

Last Thursday every month, there is an Euro gathering in Laguna Niguel, but that is pretty far away. You can actually google Southern California Car Gathering and find a website that lists every event for every night. There’s always something going on.