Re: Hey everyone!


@Max 28171 wrote:

The event is currently as safe as it has ever been.

I spoke with John and Freeman about this a couple of weeks ago and they assured me that the event will continue and that Taco Bell are committed to the event.

Ford (and Mazda) have been incredible hosts and have stuck with the event even when it had ‘issues’ with show-offs and crowd problems, the new masters may not be as understanding. It may be wise to be on our best behavior.

Remember that the event takes place in the Mazda lot as much at the PAG lot, we (the spectators) utilize the PAG parking structure and the cafe.

Great, thank you very much for the update. I agree that we should all be on our best behavior 😎 I hope to see evryone at the show over the next few weeks!!! I’m waiting for some custom wheels, and Brembo brakes to get here then I’ll be showing again lololol