Re: Grand Sport Content


@Max 4740 wrote:

I think that the stormy skies make those shots !

You see too many people trying to take shots like this in bright-bright sunlight then attempting to cope with the uber-harsh shadows and terrible reflections, in (most of) these shots the lighting is great, subdued and scattered. There are no hideous reflections and lens flares on display and the composition of couple of the shots is dead-on.

As for the car ?

Well it is not my thing at all, if it where real I would be drooling all over it, but as a lovingly created recreation I can see its appeal, but part of me argues that it is a horrible waste of a Corvette :thumbdown:

Anyway, Austin – these are the best shots I have ever seen from you – nice job !

Thanks man I appreciate that. :thumbup: The only problem with the weather was the sun kept poking out even though it was very cloudy and some parts of the car kept getting over exposed and blown out. Had to be fix a few in post processing. It was nice to get out and shoot something different than Cars and Coffee for once (even though it still involved cars), since I’ve been so busy with work and other things.