Re: Grand Sport Content


@fbody_mike 4712 wrote:

Excellent pictures. The color of the car just stands out so well. Great car, blue skies in the background would have been nice, but pictures are great anyway.

How do I learn to take picture half as good as that?

Thank you for the kind comments! Yea, I would’ve loved blue skies with the ocean in the back, but the weather on the coast has not been permitting that these last few days.

You could always take some photography classes, but in my opinion I think learning on your own is much better. Join a photography forum (Canon: and read and search about anything you are curious about. Experiment with different angles and view other work to see what kind of methods their using. And if you have any questions never hesitate to ask on the forums because that is what can help increase your skill. If you have any questions or are wondering about anything shoot me a PM.