Re: Ford Focus or one another car?


@HaiNH199 88389 wrote:

Hi all!

I’m going to buy a family hatchback or sedan. There are so many good cars for me to choose. This makes me feel difficult. And i want you to help me to find a best car for my family.

My family has 4 members: My wife and 2 sons and I. I want to choose a suitable car for my own family.

1. Yaris: It’s a popular good car. But i don’t like the popularity 🙂
2. Kio Rio: In my country (Viet Nam), Kia isn;t popular so it make me feel worried about customer service.
3. Huyndai i20: Good brand; Affortable price and good-looking car.
4. Ford Focus: I want to buy this car but My friend tell me that Focus sometimes has small problems and its fuel efficient is not good.

Apart from these above options, i also research for Ford Fiesta because its fame.

Can someone help me? What is your choice? Sorry for my bad English.

Oh. You really by Ford Fiesta ? . I think you should buy Ford Ecosport. It is suite with Vietnam