Re: Exotic /Top END! Car Show April, 11th


April 11th 4/11/09 Streetwise Drift/Time Attack / Car Show Metrolina Expo Charlotte UPDATE

We have a HUGE building reserved for Car Club Parking adjacent to the car show building for you guys that want to park it with your boys, put your cars on display but not necissarily be judged for the show. $5 with your General Admission Ticket.

We are getting D&D Mobile Dyno to come out to the next event.

I need to get a feel for how many of you guys might strap down and use the guy. I think he charges $30 or $40, maybe less for 3 Base runs. 2wd only.

Time Attack Drivers need to Pre-Register or we wont have timing gear on deck to time your laps.

Thanks for the SPace.

Hope to see you guys out there. I’ll be running the Z06 and a UR spec Audi S2 500HP at this next event.