Re: Displaying at Cars & Coffee


As an original C&C attendee I absolutely disagree. Yes, people do put for sale signs on thier cars. BUT that is out of character for the gathering. It is just a gathering of car guys taking their car out for a quick spin and a place to meet – admittedly that has all gotten out of hand and size but where do you draw the line. There are forums and places to sell a car, the chatracter and intent of C&C is NOT to be one of them. Do some pople abuse the privelege and opportunity, yes. Has that abuse been going on from the beginning, yes from the early days where the local Lambo dealer used to bring his traveling sale show to Crystal Cove. Nothing turns me off faster than to see someone with a for sale sign in the window of their car at C&C. If fact their is a standing understood rule,” no for sale signs.” But John and Linda are too nice of people to run around and make a stink about it. If selling your car is that important and you need to show it at C&C stabnd around the car and talk to the interested people looking at it. There is plenty of time to work in the opportunity to tell them it is for sale. There are some VERY promient auto dealers and aftermarket shops that regularly attend C&C. They do not have for sale signs on their cars, they understand the place for that is not at C&C.