Re: Charlotte Area Cars and Coffee – Sat Nov 2nd ! NC Music Factory Uptown


Hey Michael, glad to read this! I thought that C&C was at Northlake Mall, at least it used to be. I’ll have to figure out how to get down to this new location as it’s even farther away. One thing I’m wanting to do is to take a portion of my car club, Carolina PT Cruisers, and add that group to the C&C forums and see if we can’t get a group of our fanatics to come to C&C. Your thoughts???

Also, I’m a photo phreak and an art geek, and I want to make sure it’s okay for me to do photo shoots at the C&C meet. I’m sure it’s okay but I never do a shoot without at least getting approval. Second to this, I’ll have to figure out how to upload photos here – as in I know how to post them, but do we have online photo albums on this site so I can upload an entire album for one of the monthly meets?

I have looked and see that, in Advanced Mode, you can upload photos as attachments – 1950 Chevy Deluxe, custom built by RK Motors in Charlotte, NC:

Oh, also, what are the parking rules? As in, if I come where do I park my mistress, the 340bhp 2006 PT Cruiser GT Vert?