Re: Cars & Coffee: May 7th – Why?


we will conduct some meetings this month to discuss these topics. i have posted before that the show is 100% organic.. it has grown by very natural means and continues to be popular without any bureaucratic control. i have hoped that those that appreciate their cars attend the show and that means any car. if you take the time and effort to prepare your car for display then you should be allowed to show your car. Now here’s the big point—-if you see that your car is out of place or you feel that you are taking up a space that could be filled by a car that would be more appreciated than yours—then park in the spectator area. That has been my message. As I type this it appears that there needs to be some thought as to how to place some controls upon the type of car allowed to be displayed. We will discuss…

I appreciate those that have made their opinions known. I do want the show to be a great success. It is done with volunteers and Classic BMW employees that love cars. All of the donations—100% go to charity and we are targeting more than $30,000 in donations again this year. Thanks for your continued support.