Re: Cars & Coffee: May 7th – Why?


I just read every post in this topic…

First of all, I think the way Classic has handled C&C from the start has been great. No need to change a winning formula by adding complexity. I actually thought they did away with the “sections” for the most part, but I guess the American sections and such still exist…?

Anyway, I think it’s silly to think about limiting who may or may not participate. This isn’t Concours d’Elegance, Italian CarFest, or All Chevy Nationals. It’s not even Exotic Cars & Caviar. Whether somebody with an expensive car shows up at 9am doesn’t get in makes no difference to me personally. You snooze, you lose–no matter who you are or what you’re driving. If you’re a big shot who can’t get in on time, hire someone to park a car in your spot so you can wake up at your leisure.

The criteria for “show worthy” is too hard to determine. I usually take my Pontiac Grand Prix GXP to the show. Is it show worthy? Debatable. It was low production, has a 325 cubic inch V8, is only driven twice a week, and is the only 2004-2008 Grand Prix I’ve ever seen at the show. Rare at the show? You bet. Low production? Yep. Great condition? Yup. Worth seeing 10 or 20 nearly identical cars at the show just like it? Like ALL cars regardless of price or production, no, not really. I love the car, it’s gorgeous, but I wouldn’t like to see 20 of them taking up spots, just as I wouldn’t really like seeing 20 same-model-style Gallardos, 20 same-model-style Chargers, etc. Whether somebody dislikes my GXP just because it has 4 doors or lacks an extra digit on the price tag doesn’t matter to me. I garage it, maintain it, clean the car, show up early, and I get a spot. I stay the entire show and enjoy myself. I don’t invite 50 other GP GXP owners to join me, so I am respectful of Classic’s show and don’t make it the “Grand Prix Gathering”. A few late model clubs have done this sort of thing, which, while I don’t really like it, it doesn’t really bother me. They woke up early, they got to park. Simple as that. If Classic wants to tell clubs they cannot save spaces, I wouldn’t mind that a bit. We should all be courteous to each other, but if you want to show up before 7 and save a spot for your buddy before the lot starts filling up…? Go ahead. If the lot is filling up, too bad for your buddy.

So what makes a car show worthy?

Rarity? Is a 90s Lexus SC400 not show worthy if it’s the only one at the show? What if there are six or seven Ferrari F430s? Thirty or Forty nearly identical looking Porsches from the last 10 years? Which of the twenty 2010-2011 Camaros aren’t show worthy? Which 2005+ Mustangs aren’t?

Condition? Obviously the cars should be clean, but what about paint? Is an original weathered paint ’80s Firebird somebody has spent 20 years storing and maintaining less welcome than a late model car somebody simply bought off the lot 5 months ago?

Body style? Should a car be discriminated against because of it being a truck? A van? An SUV or sedan? One of the highlights of one of last year’s shows was seeing that old ’70s domestic van in that funky brown and yellow color with velour interior. I’d hate to see C&C reduced to 2-seater coupes and convertibles. Just because I have no interest in trucks doesn’t mean that trucks shouldn’t be allowed. Hundreds of others are interested and enjoy looking.

How about price? Is a Yugo less interesting than a 2008 BMW M3? How about a SL500 compared to a ’02 Miata? ’90s Dodge Daytona vs. Audi S4?

I’m sure most of us can agree that commuter cars are not particularly interesting to look at, nor are soccer mom cars. But what if the owner has some sort of particular pride in their car due to some sort of modification, rare optioning, etc.? Heck, what if they are just proud of it just because they are proud of it? I may have absolutely no interest whatsoever in someone’s Mercedes CL whatever, but that just means I keep walking, I don’t tell them “your car doesn’t belong here, get to the back of the lot.”

Discrimination isn’t easy.

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those that appreciate their cars attend the show and that means any car. if you take the time and effort to prepare your car for display then you should be allowed to show your car. Now here’s the big point—-if you see that your car is out of place or you feel that you are taking up a space that could be filled by a car that would be more appreciated than yours—then park in the spectator area. That has been my message.

Well said. thumbup Addendum: Get there early/on time if you want a spot. Can’t get a spot? Eat brunch and come back at 9 or 10 when the lot thins out.

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I will place a small red card with the word “think” on the front of it on every car windshield that appears to belong in the spectator lot and not the main show lot. On the other side of the card the message will read something like, “this is a car show, is your’s a show car?” I don’t want to offend, I just want people to understand that others may have been unable to attend because they have acquired a parking space.

Bad idea. thumbsdown It’d be a bad public relations move and sully Classic’s reputation. People would get their feelings hurt and people are much more likely to share a negative opinion than a positive one. Also, just wait til some teenagers print up their own bootlegs cards and start putting them on every car there… that’ll be a fun apology on about a dozen message boards. Better to let people self-govern by printing up several signs and placing them at the end of each row or just at the entrances. Something along the lines of “Show cars only please, spectators please follow the arrows to the spectator parking lot(s).”