Re: Cars & Coffee: May 7th – Why?



Since I’ve attended, I noticed that you and your team of volunteers have done a stellar job of making sure the event is organized, controlled and safe. This is by far the most exciting event for me, family and friends to attend monthly. Most of all, the fact that local charities are supported through such leisure makes it a rewarding experience for all involved.

As far as “think” cards are concerned, this could be good and bad. The last thing you want to do is turn anyone away or hurt someone’s feelings because they fill that there car fulfills the requirements of what is being shown even though it may not. At the same time, it will weed out the vehicles that some may feel don’t belong there.

This is not a simple fix but one solution to all of this is to do what was done in the first 4-6 months of hosting C&C. That was having rows of parking spaces which were mapped off by the Flags of the Vehicles Country of Origin in which most attendees complied. I understand that volunteers are needed to be there extra early to enforce such tyranny but it seems to be somewhat necessary as the growth of C&C has far exceeded most people’s expectations. It seems that this would make it fair for all attendees or spectators and perhaps prevent vehicles that aren’t show worthy from displaying due to lack of space available within there designated parking area.

If you are needing additional assistance in getting anything in the future organized let me know and I would be willing to lend a hand as a volunteer. Whatever you decide, I’m sure the ones that care about the future of the show will adjust just fine. Thanks for your efforts in making this event one of the most enjoyable monthly occasions.