Re: Cars & Coffee: May 7th – Why?


I see a couple of issues with moving to Pizza Hut Park. 1) Concerts like the one this weekend for Jimmy Buffet have filled up the entire area with RV’s. Nothing wrong with that, but what if this were to happen on a C&C weekend? There is no space for us. 2) Soccer games are a Saturday morning affair and it isn’t just FC Dallas playing out there.

This is a very precarious position for a venue to be in. As was rightly said before, this is a charity event. Can we really turn away the guy in the Civic who might donate $5 and let in the Ferrari owner who might not? I like the idea of having the venue regulate who comes in and who doesn’t. Treat it like a night club. It’s also a terrible idea at the same time. I’m aware that I may get turned away and that’s fine, I see my car all the time and I don’t get my feelings hurt when I’m not front and center. I didn’t buy my cars for people to look at them. I bought them to enjoy them myself. But at the same time, I am not waking up early on a Saturday to walk through a parking lot full of ho-hum cars. And if you like doing that then go to Collin Creek mall. We want people coming back and donating. And what do we need for people to do that? We need eye-candy.