Re: Cars & Coffee: May 7th – Why?


I would like to make a few comments
First, Cars and Coffee is great, I love taking my car there, visiting with other enthusiasts and seeing all the other cars.
Second, I think the whole thing is about passion for cars. Passion should mean these things; your car should be clean! (I see cars not even washed there) it should not have any dents, broken or missing parts (unless it is a real race car) it shouldn’t have parts of several different colors or primer.
Third, if you want to show your (fill in the blank) get there early. If the guy who owns a $300,000 whatever can’t get out of bed, then he misses out.

If they had a bigger venue that would be great! more of everything! I would guess that everyone involved in C&C is volunteer and it’s a pretty great show for that and it’s free to everyone!

If it’s all for charity and you want to cut out the riff-raff charge $10-20 to pull your car in. I would pay, and that might solve some problems. 1000 cars for $10 could sure help a charity.

Velocity Mike, I think you come for the right reasons. A lot of the people who might gripe about your car don’t even have something worth showing.

That’s just my 3 cents.