Re: Cars & Coffee: May 7th – Why?


So we (the DFW7 club (BMW 7 series)) is one of the groups that shows up usually 2x a year with 10-15 cars, some stock, some highly modified. As some of the Porsche folks found out, we are in the “know” and they reserve spots for us from 7:30-8:00 am as we fly the brand. At only 2x a year, I don’t feel thats excessive to show off the range of options we have.

We caught all kinds of grief over the cones, but all we did is ask, just like anyone else can (and does), but for those members who get their late – sorry, first come first served. We were full by 7:55 a.m. (10 cars in 8 spots) with others parking in the front (not in the aisles).

Now, when we show up on our own, we don’t park in the display section, as it keeps the shows fresh with new cars. I feel the same as many others, I don’t need to see the same mustang, viper, or vette every month, nor feel the need to show mine off – or clean it :-). With the parking in front of the rows (must have just stared), it makes it almost impossible to move around or get out early, that should likely be addressed as well. I do miss seeing the ultra-rare cars that were showing up last year, as there is no way would bring one up there now.

But before we go trying to change everything and make more rules, common courtesy should be inforced. The lot is just too small now, but hopefully Classis is giving cars & coffee some funding every month (main purpose). Personally I would like to see “themed” months, and less commercialism. The spray on bra crap needs to go (just one example) – or have a separate commercial section and make them pay for the space (again – charity).

The Pizza Hut park or baseball stadium lots are a great idea. I’d just have to remember to not drink that 2nd cup of coffee….