Re: Cars & Coffee: May 7th – Why?


@Myka 52949 wrote:

It was more of a generalization, but we did see that Mazda 6 parked in the wrong place. I did see a black Mazda parked under the German flag section too, but I can’t remember what kind it was. Could have been a Mazda 3….
We drove in to the parking lot, did two drive-arounds looking for space, then left. We didn’t stay.

We drive a Porsche Cayman R, one of 2 in Dallas.

Yea I saw several cars parked like that. And yea I saw the BONE stock corolla parked in the lot as well.. The venue it seems has been outgrown possibly but they could vent cars as in no stockers unless its an exotic/classic etc or a limited type car. I know people should expect to get blocked in i do and yea it sucks but I guess thats part of it. Hopefully it will work itself out without a bunch of drama. It is sad to see nice cars have to park in the other parking lot I did not get to see a couple im sure.