Re: Cars & Coffee: May 7th – Why?


@Myka 52847 wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I really hope that the organizers of the event read this.

We went over to Cars & Coffee today, and arrived at around 7:30 AM.
To our disbelief, many of the rare/awesome cars have gone a circle or two around the parking lot, then left!
The reason?
No parking space for their special cars in the designated areas!
Because people have parked their Mazda 6s, Honda Civics and other such cars in those areas where the special cars should be.

The staff on hand at Cars & Coffee should be right there directing all the cars, so things like this DO NOT happen!

No offense, but who wants to look at a regular black Honda Civic parked right next to let’s say a Porsche??
Why can’t the organizers direct such everyday cars to an area closer to the outskirts of the parking lot?

We came home with a sour taste in the mouth. I know the event is for charity, but more organization would lead to more people coming (and staying) with their rare cars, and that would lead to more visitors/donators coming (and also staying).

Thanks for reading.

There were only two mazda6s and they were both MPS6s(AWD/TURBO) which was only made 2 years.. A silver one and a white one.. The White one was in the Japan section/import section where it belonged the other one parked over in the classic car section. Just wondering what Mazda 6 you are referring too since there was only 2 and one was where it belonged.

Then again I think you may of been just making general comments on cars just wanted to clarify. Also what do you drive? And where did you park