Re: Cars & Coffee: May 7th – Why?


i usually go every time at about 7-730…today when i pulled in, i saw a run of the mill corolla, and a few civics coming in…thats fine and all, no discrimination…

but when the exotics dont have place to park…as stated before…it becomes a problem. in the building parking next door, there was a 430 ferrari and a lambo parked today…

that is totally unnecessary, seeing as there are probably over 200 mustangs, corvettes and other every day cars just sitting in spaces.

i agree with the post above mine, wondering why other areas arent sectioned off like the italian cars…

people should just have the sense in these situations to exclude their cars from spaces that exotics belong in…afterall, itll only take a little while til this show starts losing some credibility and respect due to all this.

ALSO i believe there are country flags?? like the Japan flag? tell me why a chevy HHR parks in that section? come on people…smh..