Re: Cars & Coffee – 5/10/08 – Curt

CoupedUp;3385 wrote:
I like the shot of my Daytona on your link – either you photoshop’d it or the subdued lighting hid all of my rock chips!!! :thumbs:

Nice shots, especially the Aston! What did you think of the Aston Miata or the Mazda Martin or whatever you would call that? Normally I would think something like that was really cheesy, but it really started to grow on me…


I went through my site thinking I had way more.. apparently I only have a couple. Either way, let me know if you want a full size picture.. I can reexport them so you can get them printed. (I don’t have a printer)

Also, I can always just take more (hopefully when it’s sunny)



(at least I think this is your car, right?)