Re: Cars and Coffee v.9.24


Douche of the week:

This guy flew into the lot and got air over the speed bump at the entrance. I walked up to him right when he got off his bike….

Me: I saw what you did when you came in. That was quite a bit of air.
Douche: It was cool wasn’t it?! 😀
Me: Not it wasn’t you where going way too fast to be coming into a parking lot full of pedestrians. You could have easily hit someone and caused serious injury.
Me: You looked pretty Douchie as you did that. You didn’t look cool. You’re not a kid you shouldn’t be showing off.
Him: I looked what?
Me: That you are a Douche only a Douche would do something like that. Guess what you aren’t cool. Nobody is going to swoon over you for doing that. You’re not going to get crowned king of the car show. Nobody is going to come over here to tell you how cool you are.
Him: *silence, pretends to be doing stuff with phone*