Re: Cars and Coffee Road Trip March 13th 2011


The Henderson Press
Article: Car Show / Henderson
Written: 03/20/11

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Cars and Coffee Presents “Oohs and Aahs”
By Don Logay

On Sunday, March 13th, visitors to the Village at Lake Las Vegas were surprised
to see row after row of exotic sports cars lining the quaint cobblestone streets. On display were 45 dazzling European sports cars – worth well over $10 million – that included nine Ferrari’s, five Lotus’, numerous Porche’s and a 1958 Mercedes-Benz Roadster that, alone, was worth over $500,000, just to name (drop) a few.

Owners of these spectacular vehicles are all members of a local upscale auto club called “Cars and Coffee Las Vegas” ( that had just completed its monthly scheduled road rally. The club regularly tours various areas around Las Vegas and concludes each run with lunch and an impromptu car show in an interesting venue such as Lake Las Vegas.

The show cars seen in the Village at Lake Las Vegas were only a small sampling of those owned by the club’s members. By comparison, every Saturday morning, hundreds of car owners and large crowds of enthusiasts gather on the Southwest edge of Henderson for an amazing Cars and Coffee-sponsored free car show on a much larger scale.

From 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, every Saturday morning, some 300 to 400 spectacular cars (collectively worth well over $20 million) are on display at Eastern and Richmar Avenues, in the Sansone Park Place Center parking lot, directly in front of the Motorcars of Las Vegas showroom.
Anyone who loves cars will enjoy the decades of automotive performance and history, both domestic and imports, that includes everything from beautifully restored cars of the 1950’s, “chopped-and channeled” custom creations and super hot-rods to exotic machines and sports legends such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche, Aston Martin and Maserati, with a few Shelby Cobras thrown in for good measure. Plenty of good old USA muscle cars are on display as well, with groups of high-power Corvettes, Camaros and Mustangs challenging the sexy imports for attention.

“It is a car show put on by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts,” notes Cars and Coffee of Las Vegas President, Salomon Braun. “If you love cars, come on out… if you’ve got a car you love, bring it out… all makes and models are welcome.”

The Cars and Coffee club history dates back to early 2005, when three exotic car owners would meet for Saturday morning coffee at a local restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California. “Any time you get three Ferarri’s parked together… anywhere… it draws a crowd and you’ve got yourself an instant car show,” notes Salomon Braun.

Soon, other exotic car owners began showing up for the weekly coffee klatch, and before long a car club per se’ was born. Today, the original group continues to meet weekly in Irvine, California, with upwards of 1,000 participants and spectators on hand any given weekend. Today there are 12 Cars and Coffee clubs spread coast-to-coast and the number continues to grow. The Las Vegas chapter, formed by Braun and his wife Jackie, now in its third year, was formed in June of 2008.

As stated, if you like cars, come on out any given Saturday morning (52-weeks a year) for coffee, raffles and lots of “oohs-and-ahhs.” Bring the kids too. Summer hours, June through October, are 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM.