Re: Cars And Coffee Italy, Turin


I’ll be getting back to you soon. Sorry, I have been really busy this past week.

@ZX 300 63587 wrote:

Hi ,thats what I want to do ,for an Event in Germany ,but it sems difficult . Did you had contakt to Brent Ferguson , the Administrator ? Brent has a lot of
question about my concept ,how many participants and so on. But you can build a page on Facebook named Cars and Coffee Italy . In the Infotext you declair that you have the intention to get a partnership with C&C so you can use Facebook as your plattform. Cars and Coffee is a Trademark take look about the legislations for a Trademark in Italy. In Germany a Trademark is not protected by law .
Please take contact to me my username is “ZX 300” .I already organized an Event in 2011 with another name.