Re: cars and coffee denver


Please explain how this is “your name” when it is documented both physically and electronically to have been in use for years prior to your arrival? Why should I participate in an out of state corporate show that by virtue of your post, is already belittling/sweeping aside true LOCAL car guys that are very well known and respected?
I would suggest – at the very least – that you chose your words and actions carefully when trying to come in to a new area with the potential to cause strife to part of the local community. Yes, you trade marked the name. Good for you. Obviously your fact finding in this area was horribly lacking, or you came in under the premise that you could over-run the smaller shows. Either way, not very impressive, and as I am sure you are aware, could be an expensive and long lasting issue if taken to a higher authority.

I wish you the best – just not on the backs of others.