Re: Canyon Run Videos Promotional Video


@JER Development 48050 wrote:

That’s a really cool Idea, and sounds like a lot of fun!! What locations are available?

You will really have a great time doing some spirited driving one of our beautiful locations. I like to shoot up to an hour of video in one of our sessions using up to four HD video cameras. If we have another client scheduled on the same day, you can continue driving on our run if you like! Check out our promotional video at We will take you just about anywhere in southern California you would like to go to. There are some very fun and beautiful roads in northern San Diego County near Julian, CA. Palomar Mountain is a great location too. The back side of Crestline is a very fun twisty road but this is a summer location. Ortega Highway, Santiago Canyon are some nearby locations. The backside road up to Mount Baldy is a killer run too. There is always the famous Malibu Canyon and several other locations in LA County. Let me know if you are interested in going on a run with us.