Re: Calling All Lambo/Ferrari/GTR


I know you weren’t asking for a critique, but when you publicly show your stuff may get one. I can’t even tell what the last dark car is because of lack of detail in shadows. You might also do something about oil spots in the foreground. The pics of the silver Lexus are interesting uses of lighting but they don’t really show off the car. The only picture I really like is the white Scion. It emphasizes the lines of the car, and offers a different angle of view than is normally seen, and shows enough detail for the marque to be recognizable. I think in general you’ve done a better job of capturing the parking stucture than the cars. Theres a guy who goes by morpho at Elisetalk website. If you hunt him up you can find a link to his car pix. I know he works for C&D.

Don’t mean to be negative, keep working at it. You don’t need a Lambo
or Ferrari to create a good automotive picture. When you can kick butt with a new VW beetle you’ll have arrived.

Steve R