Re: August C&C


@Brangeta 32459 wrote:

I think being more selective defeats the purpose and pleasure of the show, and would also cause problems with angry people who get excluded. If you don’t like a car, don’t walk by it and don’t look at it. That’s the best form of being selective. thumbup

Telling somebody they can’t park their car and show it, when they may have spent hours detailing it, and making special preparations to make it to the show at 8am is not the way to continue making this a popular event. thumbsdown

If someone is proud of their Mustang, they shouldn’t be excluded just because they aren’t bringing a Bizzarini.

I hope they would not start doing that, not only because it would piss people off, but because I for one enjoy the diversity of cars that show up.

Most people with daily driver cars seem to park in the visitor section anyway, without a member of the staff telling them their car isn’t “cool” enough I’m guessing.

Some chick came up and asked if she could park next to a modified Mini in the show, with her stock Mini… I think the show is great. Maybe find some more spectator parking? It owuld be great if they could get permission from that business behind the Italians (some people park there anyways)