Re: Anyone go this week?


To the brave souls who made it in the rain – Thanks for joining our volunteer fire department fundraiser!

There were 70 vehicles entered and it did rain cats and dogs. You were all very nice and we enjoyed having you. Hopefully, we can host you again next year! A big thanks to Robert Davis of Mazda for organizing our event and then heading down to the Mazda event as well.

A quick word about Rancho Carrillo – we are a private community located in the San Mateo Wilderness. That “AMAZING road” is a private road and gated, so this event is your only chance to access it. (We usually have horse trailers coming up and down around blind corners, so if you are able to get in at other times, please respect our 35 mph speed limit. Our fire department would rather not have to respond!;))

Thanks again and we look forward to meeting more of you next year!