Re: 7/23 “Non-Show”


@robpp 55982 wrote:

people show up weeekly at Great Indoors.
coffee is available; we dont need a vendor.
at 9 am I could care less if there is a dj.
i could also care less if a FEW turn their nose up at my vehicle. thats their problem not mine.
and sinc e its not an offical show with someone trying to make a profit WHO CARES what they think, feel or do.
a permit and such is NOT needed since NO ONE IS SELLING ANYTHING.
The lot is huge.


the reason there are 5 different C & C around the area is all the ‘organizers’ are trying to make a buck off the comraderie that the auto community has. I SAY BS on that. go to the FREE place and enjoy/

Our show has always been free. Jim and I have been accused off trying to make a buck off Cars and Coffee since day one, and all I can say is that is total BS. We moved from Southlands because we didn’t want to continue to pay for the space out of our pockets.

The move didn’t work as Jim mentioned in another thread so we are looking for new space.

We have never, and I repeat, NEVER, made a dime off the shows that we have done for three years.

Please don’t accuse us of something that is totally untrue.