Re: 7/23 “Non-Show”


@DenverCO 65572 wrote:

So this weekend when you required a $25 gift card for each car that showed up to the St. Baldrics CHARITY event wasn’t you reaping the benefits? I have been a long time car nut and was appalled when I heard what you pulled. I will not attend another C&C event until Bill Barnett is knocked off his high horse.

This was a charity event Bill, what’s your excuse?

McCabes offered each attendee a gift certificate, They didn’t pay me anything, nor did I get a gift certificate. The issue was, they knew there were 30 cars coming on Thursday before the event, and then Saturday afternnon, less than 20 hours from the event, they called and said they would only give out 15 to the first 15 cars. When I told them I had no way to contact people and they had made the offer, they needed to give out 30. The response was they would take care of it. They didn’t and I had an issue with that.

Perhaps in your misguided opinion, expecting a bar to do what they agreed on when they asked for my help in getting cars to their event is me being on a ” high horse”. I didn’t require anything—they offered. You might want to read the thread about the show, and you would have noticed that the offer was added after the original post.

I would love to hear how you think I, or Cars and Coffee reaped any benefit from this.

Since you didn’t mind listing my name, why don’t you list yours?

Here is her email offering the gift certificates.

Hello Bill,

Just wanted to send an email out to see if you have had any response from your forum about the Baldricks event March 11th? Like I said, we would be happy to issue $25 gift certificates to McCabes for all those that show up. Please let me know as we need to ensure we have either cars and coffee or another vendor to fill the slot.

Thank you Bill,
Lisa Bargar
McCabes Bistro and Pub