Re: 7/23 “Non-Show”


I have no issue with the show at The Great Indoors. I have been to their show and they used to come to ours at Southlands.

Jim and I set out to do a show at the mall where there were activities for spouses if they wanted to come with their husbands. Southlands provided all that and was a great location. The manager however, was very difficult to deal with and wanted to start charging us for parking spaces for the shows we did on Friday nights in conjunction with Southlands concert series. That didn’t work since we already were out money for the lease, the permit required by Aurora and insurance also required by Aurora.

So we decided to move and that hasn’t worked out well. We are in the process of looking for another mall and will post up when we find one that works.

Just to clarify, I have never said we “needed” to have another show. Jim and I wanted to do one that we enjoyed and that is why we started in the first place. It wasn’t our intention then or now, to “compete” with anyone.