Re: 7/23 “Non-Show”


@RedGT 55999 wrote:

Our show has always been free. Jim and I have been accused off trying to make a buck off Cars and Coffee since day one, and all I can say is that is total BS. We moved from Southlands because we didn’t want to continue to pay for the space out of our pockets.

The move didn’t work as Jim mentioned in another thread so we are looking for new space.

We have never, and I repeat, NEVER, made a dime off the shows that we have done for three years.

Please don’t accuse us of something that is totally untrue.


So this weekend when you required a $25 gift card for each car that showed up to the St. Baldrics CHARITY event wasn’t you reaping the benefits? I have been a long time car nut and was appalled when I heard what you pulled. I will not attend another C&C event until Bill Barnett is knocked off his high horse.

This was a charity event Bill, what’s your excuse?