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If your HP printer fails to feed the paper, it is because of the paper jam issues. Papers have been stuck in the input and output tray or carriage access door. To troubleshoot this issue manually, follow the given steps.
 Firstly, unplug the USB cable and then the power cord from the back of the Printer.
 After that switch off the Printer by pressing the ‘Start’ button on the Printer.
 Carefully remove all the papers that are in the input tray. Make sure that you first take out only the loose sheets. After that, gently remove the stuck papers. Avoid pulling it out all of a sudden so that no paper tears off during the process.
 Reverse the Printer, and look out for any foreign objects such as paper clips or pens that might have fallen into the input tray. Take them out.
 Now take out all the papers that are stuck in the Output Tray.
 Once done, open the carriage access door and see for paper jam errors. Gently pull them off without tearing them.
 After all the papers have been removed, try to print a test document.
 Plug the USB cable and power cord back.
Press the color and black and white button together until you get a print.If the above solutionsdo not fix the error then have a word with the technical executives at hp printer support.
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