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This is just one example of an Evolve Tune on an E46 M3 (new developments with automotive tuning may increase HP and performance)
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We have developed a full range of upgrades for the S54 engine. We have given a suggested upgrade path below but there are many other combinations available. If you would like to discuss something different to what you see below please contact us.

Note: The average power of an E46 M3 is 325-330hp standard

Stage 1 – BMW E46 M3 ECU Remap
[HR][/HR]ECU Remap Performance Software with Vmax
E46 M3 3.2, performance gain approx. 20hp incl. V-MAX release

2009 saw further developed and something completely new for the S54 engine to allow real power gains.

Many claims to 15-30hp+ have been made over the years but nothing ever materialised.The E46 M3 S54 engine responds well to the right type of ECU software. Conventional methods of advancing the ignition timing under full load has little effect. This is what the industry has seen over the years with no gain in power neither on the road or the dyno. Typically we saw improvments in throttle response and nothing more.
By recalibrating ignitiong timing, VANOS timing, torque limiters and fuelling more power/torque is available at both partial and full load. Low end torque and top end power are the main areas which improve the most and it is these very areas which need improvement.
In terms of ‘peak’ power, between 20hp is available above 5000rpm.
The Evolve software makes a significant change to how the E46 M3 drives and accelerates. A standard car will accelerate well upto 5500rpm but beyond that the power begins to fall. Once upgraded the power continues to climb leading to a far more linear power delivery.

We can also build into the software the following:
– Rear Lambda Sensor delete for M3’s without CAT’s or high flow CAT’s which trigger the engine managment
– Sport Button Memory
– Air Mass Sensor delete (AlphaN)

– Enhanced throttle response and drivability
– Significantly more power at higher rpm’s.
– Quicker response resulting in improved initial acceleration
– 18-24 bhp performance gain

Stage 2 – BMW E46 M3 CSL style Carbon Airbox | AlphaN Software
[HR][/HR]ECU Remap Performance Software with Vmax
AlphaN Software
CSL Style Carbon Airbox | Inlet Manifold

E46 M3 3.2, performance gain approx. +30 bhp incl. V-MAX release

The E46 M3 CSL is widely regarded as making one of the best noises of any sports car. Many purchase the CSL for this very reason. We can bring this very feature to the standard E46 M3 owner.
Upgrading to a CSL style Carbon Airbox is the area which gives the most improvement in power and is the part of the reason the CSL makes more power than a standard car.
Under load the the induction roar is exactly like that of a genuine E46 M3 CSL.
The improvement is far more than any exhaust upgrade will achieve with respect to power and does not bring with it any additional noise under constant speeds or idle.
The induction noise made from this upgrade is nothing short of intoxicating and the sound level is directly proportional to load placed on the engine.

The software used to run a carbon airbox such as this is specially designed as no air mass sensor is used.
A special ECU remap is applied with changes to the fuelling, vanos and ignition tables are made (similar to that in our stage 1 ECU remap). Other changes to the software are made in order to allow for smooth running. Each car must be tuned individually.
It therefore makes sense to do this first and given this is a major rework of how the engine breathes it always works.

Various designs are available. Please contact us for further information.

– +30bhp
– CSL Induction noise
– More effective than sports exhausts
– Significant peformance gain through rpm range especially over 5000rpm and low end partial load.
– Correct upgrade path for those who want ‘real’ power

Dyno Graphs: Flywheel and Wheel Figures (click to enlarge)

e46%20m3%20evolve%20csl%20airbox%20flywheel.jpg e46%20m3%20evolve%20csl%20airbox%20large(1).jpg

Stage 3 – BMW E46 M3 CSL Airbox | Exhaust | AlphaN Software
[HR][/HR]ECU Remap Custom Software with Vmax
AlphaN Software
CSL Carbon Airbox
High Flow 100/200 Cell Catalytic Converters
High Flow Sports Exhaust

E46 M3 3.2, performance gain approx. 30-35hp incl. V-MAX release

This builds upon stage 2 by adding high-flow sports cats and exhaust system. The realistic gains from exhaust systems is around 5hp maximum mainly at the higher rpm’s
Many systems are available and the on you choose will depend on the type of noise your looking for an sound level.
Weight loss is another benefit.

Some of the systems are available from Active Autowerke, Eisenmann and Supersprint.
Dyno graphs are available but the results are not very different from stage 2.

Stage 4 – BMW E46 M3 Carbon Airbox | Headers | Sports CATs | Headers | AlphaN Software
[HR][/HR]ECU Remap Custom Software with Vmax
AlphaN Software
CSL Carbon Airbox
High Flow 100/200 Cell Catalytic Converters
High Flow Headers

E46 M3 3.2, performance gain approx. 40-45hp incl. V-MAX release

Replacing the exhaust manifolds releases further power. The gains are mainly realised beyond 4500rpm.


Stage 5 – BMW E46 M3 Carbon Airbox | Headers | Exhausts | Sports Camshafts | AlphaN Software
[HR][/HR]Alpha N ECU Remap Custom Software with Vmax
Schrick Sports Camshaft Set
E46 M3 CSL ‘style’ Carbon Airbox
High Flow Step-Design Exhaust Manifolds
High Flow 100/200 Cell Catalytic Converters
High Flow Sports Exhaust

E46 M3 3.2, performance gain approx. 45-55hp incl. V-MAX release

We are now reaching the limits of what can be without carrying out major internal modifications to the engine.
The intake and exhaust systems have been fully optimisied.
The sports camshafts are on the limit of aggression before we have to resort to removing the VANOS system (which is no good for a road car)

We now have an E46 M3 which makes exotic sports car noises and is considerably quicker than a standard car.

– Optimisied Exhaust system with headers, cats and rear section
– Optimised Intake system similar to that of M3 CSL
– Sports camshafts with optimisied engine ECU tuning
– 375-380 bhp

Want more power than this?
Then supercharging is your best route and you can have 480bhp as an entry level with ‘stock’ exhaust system.