Re: 10-13-12: Cowtown Cars and Coffee


I hope some who attended will take the time to offer feedback. There is a learning curve in every endeavor and this event is no different. I did go and enjoyed my time there even though it was brief. I arrived at 8:00a.m. and found the organizers still getting organized, or was it setting up? There was no lack of hospitality on their part, kudos to the Autobahn Group and I hope you persevere in putting on future events. After a bit, complimentary coffee and donuts a-plenty were available. Lots of room for those displaying was available. Parking for non-participants is plentiful and convenient. Initial event turnout was such that no designation of display by manufacturer was needed, the folks displaying did a good job of that. Then there were those things we could all learn from. One participant suffered a mechanical failure and put quite a bit of oil on the tarmac. A bag of kitty litter would have been very helpful, a nice gesture to our hosts, the FW Cats, and might have kept some oil off the shoes of the unwary. My stay was cut short due to the total absence of restroom facilities. At my age, coffee and no potty is a deal breaker. I also noted there were no waste recepticles or fire extinquishers. A good initial effort but a way to go to match the job done in venues like Plano.