Re: 09/26/09


@Halewafa 33588 wrote:

So I finally moved back to Irvine after being overseas during the summer. I was really excited to go back to C&C only to find out that it had moved for this weekend only… I wish that would have been posted on the site to save a lot of us a drive over there, and waking up at 6am for nothing…

I agree, they should have posted something about the change.

On the flip side, I’m from San Dimas and was down for the “Cruising for a Cure” car show in Costa Mesa. I went to CC for the first time yesterday. I was told by the parking attendant that the show moved to the Davis ranch (?) and told how to get to the new site. I followed other people to the new site and it was actually really cool.

Talk about some great roads with: hairpin turns, 1000 ft drop offs without guard rails, narrow roads ( seemed like 1/34 cars wide) with limited visibility of the road ahead. The road took you to a place which you never knew or would think existed in CA. The landscape reminded us of roads in other parts of the country. I was driving my 68 Charger, so the roads were a lot more intense, especially on the way down with manuel brakes! drivesmile

When you got to the site for the show, it was a lot surrounded by horses and corrals. It was fun seeing Ferraris and Lamborginis and other 2-3″ off the ground exotics driving across the uneven hay covered dirt to park. No trailer queens were present.

The show benefited the local fire department and they put on a good show. Plus the goody bags were nice-love the butterfly opening multi tool.

Anyway, those who went home and didn’t venture to the new site missed out on a fun time and a great show.